SFR800 is a new generation solar powered luminaire with very high lumen performance, ultra-efficient design and a range of high performance features and optional accessories. Dual solar panel configuration increases charge efficiency by up to 30%. All in one design with low profile, ideal for full off-grid locations.

Electrical Parameters

Input Voltage: Stand Alone / Solar Generated
LED Power: 50W 9600lm
Battery Classification LiFePO4 battery 106Ah
Light Source Classification: SEOUL SSC 5050 LED

Mechanical Specifications

Minimum IK Rating: IK10
IP Protection Rating: IP66
Nominal Dimensions: 1500x220x450mm
Construction Material: Die-Cast Aluminum
Mounting Options: Pole Mounted / Wall Mounted
Rec. Working Temperature -10°C to 60°C
Rec. Charging Temperature 0°C to 45°C

Configuration Options

  • Can be supplied with smart motion sensor
  • PE Cell for dusk/dawn automation is optional
  • Ancillary Equipment can be fitted inc security cameras, USB
  • Several automation sensor options for total automation


Solar Panel: 18V/70W (Double Crystal PV)
CCT Colour Temperature: 3000K / 4000K / 5700K / 6500K
Battery Configuration: LiFeP04 Battery / 12.8V 36AH
Battery Lifespan (Cycles) >2000 Charge Cycle
Typical Recharge Time Cycle 6.58 hours (sunlight dependant)
Operating Time: 9hrs @ Full Capacity
Typical LED Lumen Efficacy: 192lm/W
Charging Device: On Board MPPT Intelli-Control
Light Distribution Optics: 60°x156°/ 75°x160° / 78°x153°
ULOR: = 0%, Luminaire Orientation 0°
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