LM-79 is a testing report standard that describes a codified method to measure and report on the photometric performance of a solid state LED luminaire.

LM-79 considers absolute photometry of the led lighting luminaire, rather than relative photometry results such as could be calculated from various LED lighting components or LED lighting modules. Thus, LM-79 does not apply to led lighting products or LED lighting components that are categorised as LED Chips or LED lighting engines. Industralight LM-79 test reports provide key information on Industralight products including system power consumption (W), LED drive current (mA), CCT (colour temperature), luminaire efficiency and photometric distribution. The nature and requirement of an LM-79 report is such that a complete LED lighting luminaire is always submitted to facilitate LM-79 testing.

All Industralight LM-79 test reports are provided and verified by an independently accredited testing authority. For new lighting products or custom made luminaires, these LED lighting products can be submitted for testing in accordance with the LM-79 led lighting standard by request.

The LM-79-08 testing standard was approved and published by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of North America in 2008.

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